About Diabetic Network

The Diabetic Network is the premiere online network dedicated to diabetes related health and living. Since 1995, our network of websites and publications have provided news, information, resources, tools, and diabetic dining and cooking information to millions of readers from across the country and around the world.

Our network is composed of websites, newsletters, newswires, magazines, and cookbooks that provide original content written and designed by our editorial staff, material provided to us for publication by agencies such as FDA, CDC, NIDDK, and USDA, and material contributed by seasoned food editors, authors, specialists and journalists.

The Diabetic Network hompeage provides easy access to all of our online content and information about our more traditional (hardcopy) content. You’ll find links to exciting and extensive information, including interactive bulletin boards, recipe exchanges, nutritional databases, recipe archives, news, events listings, free newsletters, free samples, and contests.

The Diabetic Network is produced by CAPCO Marketing, a privately held publishing company founded in 1991 and based in New York. CAPCO Marketing develops and publishes an extensive network of lifestyle-oriented websites dedicated to providing enticing, enriching, and entertaining information, opinions, and resources to gourmet and health enthusiasts.

You can find out more about CAPCO Marketing and the other content we offer by visiting our corporate website.