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Telemarketing Phone Calls / Complaints

We are aware that people have been receiving unsolicited phone calls from a company (or companies) claiming to be or represent The Diabetic Network, as well as other similar sounding diabetes-related organizations. These callers are trying to sell diabetes supplies and services, among other things.

This group has no relationship or affiliation with us or our own The Diabetic Network, Diabetic Gourmet Magazine, the Diabetic Community, or The Diabetic News and we have no control over their obviously inappropriate soliciting/phone activities. They do not represent us in any way.

We are a media/publishing company. We do not sell any diabetes supply products and do not make any marketing/soliciting calls whatsoever. We also do not rent or sell any of our subscription or membership information to anyone.

We are cooperating with law enforcement and state attorney offices to investigate and end these unsolicited calls. According to complaints, at least one of the phone numbers being used is 1-800-740-7712.

If you have received one of these calls, you can help support the investigation by filing a detailed complaint with your State Attorney-General including the phone number from which the call originated. You can also file a complaint online with the FCC. Please make sure you do not mistakenly lodge your complaint against us (we are CAPCO Marketing and our website is The Diabetic Network). Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.

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